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Columbus City Council and Columbus Mayor
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Do you live in the Short North in Columbus? Your neighborhood is about to become a paid parking lot with parking meters and hourly restrictions.

Is a guest visiting? The proposal requires residents to fill out a form with name, license plate, etc and pay $5 for every single guest, every time they want to park nearby, limited to 24 hours. Up to 100 guest visits A YEAR. This is not to mention that residents are NOT GUARANTEED a spot, but we are required to pay the annual $50 fee just for the RIGHT TO COMPETE with the public to park on our streets. In some areas, the parking is free for the public (with hourly restrictions), but residents still have to pay the annual fee for the right to park there.

We need Columbus City Council to be aware of how this plan will impact residents before they implement this short-sighted measure. If you, like us, are opposed to our public streets becoming paid lots for Short North businesses you MUST get involved. Make your voice heard and tell City Council that you oppose the Short North Special Parking Area.

We, the residents and friends of the Short North, call on Columbus City Council and Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther to oppose the creation of the Short North Special Parking Area. Any changes to the current parking code should take into account the needs and interests of Short North residents, not just big developers and businesses.

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