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City of Port Phillip


A number of long term stallholders are being evicted and others are being squezed out of the market without cause. We believe that the process of moving vendors on is unconscionable and undemocratic.

Stallholders evictions have been put on hold for only a month. Stallholders are a vital part of what makes this a community market. We believe that our market should not be changed into a "mini Chadstone". The market is owned by the Port Phillip City Council, but it is not there for Council to extract the highest possible rents, nor to satisfy the whims of councillors or consultants. Future significant changes are to be made but details are secret. This secrecy and appalling treatment of stallholders is unacceptable.

·Actions should not be taken that irrevocably change the character of the market;
·Stallholder evictions should be revoked;
·A public inquiry into the planning and management of South Melbourne Market is necessary.

For more information or to help email: friendsofsmmarket@yahoo.com

We the undersigned call on the Councillors of the City of Port Phillip to revoke the current South Melbourne Market evictions.

Also, we request that no stallholders be evicted without cause from the South Melbourne Market. Furthermore, we request that the Council hold a Public Meeting to gauge the feelings of the community about the undisclosed, planned changes to the market.

At this meeting the community should be informed of proposed changes, and be given a chance to put forward written submissions as to their feeling about the Market’s direction.

We do not want to see changes made that irrevocably change the character of the market.

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