#Local Government
Alistair Darling MP
United Kingdom

We are at the beginning of a global economic recession. The government has had to step in to save the banking system from meltdown from tax payer’s money.

Local authorities and their staff are anxiously awaiting to see if the government will provide the same support that the private sector have enjoyed over recent months.

Now is not the time to be playing party politics with low paid workers' pensions.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to: 'protect local authorities from losing millions of pounds of council taxpayers' money held in failing Icelandic banks.'

The government cannot stand by and allow local authorities to lose millions of pounds of council taxpayers' cash. The government have stepped in to secure the banking system, and we need the same bold and principled action to protect local councils.

Local authorities have a crucial role to play in protecting individuals, families and communities from the effects of an economic downturn. They are also crucial to rebuilding stability and confidence in our communities.

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