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The Clean-Water Act, The Clean-Air Act and The Endangered Species act were all passed after the first ever Earth Day in 1970. For almost 50 years the United States has significantly benefited from the inspiring land marks, national parks, open space land and abundance of biodiversity, all once protected by these acts. Now 48 years later congress have made a decision to try to roll back the legislation that has safe guarded our public lands for all of this time. President Trump lives by the model to "Make America Great Again", by using the word "again" he infers that instead of moving forward he would instead rather move backwards to past times, America will never be great without the wonders of our clean and safe public lands. I would like to get thousands of signatures before this weekend in order to send this to congress.

We stand for public health and the well-being of our Earth and Co-existing species. We stand to defeat H.R. 3990, H.R 4532 and H.R.4558. Our cherished landscapes and waters serve as home to some of natures greatest wonders.
Our public lands are not only a source of true beauty but they also ensure that the population has access to clean air and water.

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