#Consumer Affairs
State of Florida
United States of America

The legalization of K2 or fake weed as people are calling it is jeopardizing the health and welfare of our children and society. Speaking from personal experience I can tell you that my son is addicted and has no regard to family. He only cares about his next fix.

I have seen him high on this "weed", he was hallucinating, he hit his girlfriend, he was yelling uncontrollable, and then was having horrible abdominal pain with vomiting. I now, however, do not know where my child is as he has chosen to no longer live in my home or go to school because he lives for his next fix. Some get to not make it to the next fix.

There are several reported cases of death in florida due to this legal weed. The others are having cases ranging from headaches, tachycardia, abdominal pain, vomiting, hallucinations and seizures.

We the undersigned are asking that the K2 or fake weed be made illegal throughout the state of Florida.

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