#BI Fishery Protection
Regulators, elected officials, fishing clubs, and concerned citizen groups
United States of America

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the Block Island fishery is that weakest link. 13 miles out to sea, commercial and recreational fishermen from four different states, NY, CT, RI, MA and beyond fish the waters of this island. RI DEM and NOAA are charged through our tax dollars to enforce regulations on catch size and limits but only show up once or twice a year for an hour or two, if at all.

Every season, basically from May to November, thousands and thousands of fishermen flock to the Block Island grounds to fish the unprotected waters, many vastly exceeding catch limits and ignoring catch size minimums, while threatening the hard fought recovery efforts and the future of the fishery. Our waters have been nicknamed "The Wild West" of fishing for good reason. There is no Sheriff in town.

The Striped Bass is far from alone in this story. Cod, once the staple of protein for so many New England communities, was completely decimated. Fluke and flounder and even the tenacious bluefish, to name only a few, were all over-fished to the point of collapse. Some of these species are beginning to make a comeback but without active enforcement those efforts may be for not.

We need to put our tax dollars to work. We need NOAA and RI DEM to do the job they are mandated to do. We need an enforcement presence in our waters whether that be based on Block Island or coming over from the mainland. It is about time we demand that our fishery is protected.

Please sign the petition demanding that Federal and State agencies protect our fisheries.

The fishing grounds that are ignored and neglected suffer the most and effect the entire ecosystem.

Please sign the petition.

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