#Elder Abuse and Care
Each state governors office .
United States of America

Here in Kern county alone We have had approximately 4 state funded convalescent homes that have hidden the covid 19 positive patients and employee counts from the HD and the state and even threatened employees with loss of jobs if they reported this. Due to this fact, one of these homes has over 100 covid positive patients and deaths already in the double digits. The state must do more than calling to speak to these people and trusting them to do the right thing because they are not doing it. This is criminal to allow these people to be abused in this way especially in facilities the state has control over how things are done. They need physical people visiting these facilities daily that are employed by the state to ensure these peoples rights are protected as well as their families . This virus will ravage our elderly and keep us from our goal to reopen as it works through these homes killing these innocent people who trusted these facilities would keep them safe and care for them.

We the undersigned call on the state government to provide in person overseeing of all state funded convalescent facilities to ensure these people are being taken care of properly during this Covid-19 crisis. Phone calls are Not enough to ensure these people are being cared for and kept safe from this health crisis. These entities are hiding crucial information that could save lives and physical checking is the only answer to stop this criminal behavior.

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