#Children's Rights
The Australian Government and The Justice System

My daughter was Sexually abused by someone that we trusted, and because of her age (almost 5) she is unable to describe in full detail what happened, therefore the man walks free without being charged even though he was a main suspect in a very similar case.

The system and the government are letting our children down and it's unfair.

I am creating this petition to get some Justice for my daughter and every other child who is between the ages of 2 and 10 that have been molested by pedophiles and can not describe what happened to them in full detail like an adult, there for the pedophile walks free.

My daughter and other children that have been through this have to live with the memories for the rest of their lives while the perpetrator spends the rest of his life knowing he got away with it.

Please Sign this petition to get justice for my daughter and all other children who have been in this situation.

Thank you.

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