#Children's Rights
All Schools in Alabama

My 12 year old is getting bullied at school. He has been punched in the face, spat on, punched in the back of the head, pulled out of his chair and pulled backwards off a bench. The principal said "boys will be boys".

My child has the right to go to school and learn without being assaulted! I will not sit back and allow this to happen! I'm not waiting for my child to commit suicide to take action. Please help and stand up for our children.

We, the undersigned, call on our State, and Counties to take action against school bullies.

We ask that our children be protected and have a safe environment to learn in. Our children should be able to turn to their teachers and school counselors for help when they are being bullied.

They should not be scared of classmates harassing and tormenting them. These children are our future.

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