#Children's Rights
to have restrictions re children's view of explicit material in bookshops.

Upon entering a general book store this afternoon I picked up a book not far from where the children's section were, after flicking through a few pages I was appalled to see such explicit sexual colorful pictures at eye sight view of children, where any child could have picked up the book to have an innocent glance and be exposed to such ADULT materials.

These pictures were so explicit of oral and anal sexual acts and of various sexual positions. To pour salt on the wounds it was in a section that stated "Family Health". We are constantly being bombarded of the dangers of the internet where children could get access to sexual and explicit materials and yet we allow such materials in open view in a general book store that sells children's books. I feel this is appalling and disgusting.

I have taken all the necessary precautions to avoid my son's view of these sort of materials via the internet and yet I cannot control that he could casually pick up a book from a general book store and be exposed to such explicit sexual materials. I feel that these books should at least be sealed or put out of child's view. We as parents should have the right to protect our children and what they are being exposed to.

We should feel comfortable to allow our children to visit a general book store and not have to worry as to what they could be looking at. I would expect to see these sort of material in an adult book store, not in a general book store that sell children's books, where children can enter freely and pick up any book from the shelf to look at.

We, the undersigned, call upon the government to take action to remove all explicit sexual materials out of children's view and reach in all general bookstores.

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