#Neighborhood Living
The Farmington Town, CT
United States of America

With our recent move to the neighborhood, my wife and I have had the privilege to meet many of our neighbors. It has been a pleasure to meet you all and thank you for welcoming us to the neighborhood with open arms.

Since we live on Lake St, we gain the opportunity to meet many of you and your wonderful families through your daily walks. 99% of the conversations I have with each of you, we seem to always share one major concern and that is the Motor Vehicle Violations that take place in our community.

The goal with this petition is to pro-actively put an end to the many violations that take place on our streets and protect our residents and children.

One day, I walked across the street to grab our mail with my daughter in my arms and a car blew the stop sign at Lake St and Buena Vista and almost hit us. My little girl is 2 yrs old and is always under our supervision but I foresee our neighborhood walking to the Lake or riding our bikes together. If "speed bumps" are installed, it will force vehicles to slow down.

Speed bumps will also serve another purpose by reducing the number of cut through vehicles cutting through our community to avoid traffic or traffic signs on major roads.

We, the residents of the Town Of Farmington, CT, petition the Town to install speed bumps In our community.

The below streets are commonly known as cut-through roads:
- Lake St.
- Lake Garda Dr.
- Litchfield Rd.

TWO Violations that support the purpose of this petition are:
- Speeding
- Not stopping at Stop Signs
(Corner of Buena Vista and Lake St. & Litchfield Rd. and Lake St.)

As our town grows there is a level of safety that needs to be placed. There are too many cars that cut through the streets mentioned above to avoid Burlington Road. By putting speed bumps in we can ensure the safety and protection of our residents of Farmington.

With so many areas in the Town of Farmington that don't offer side walks in their neighborhoods, we, the residents have no choice to walk in the streets. Some activities including but not limited to and take place in our neighborhood are:

- Walking
- Running / Jogging
- Riding Bikes
- Take our children out for a stroll in their stroller
- Walk the Dog
- Students waiting for their bus stop during school hours

The goal is for the Town of Farmington, CT to help our community put a solution in place, which will protect our residents from MOTOR VEHICLE VIOLATIONS listed above.

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