Forests in particular rainforests, are the lungs of our earth taking in co2 greenhouse gases and locking it away in growth while putting out the o2 that supports all life on earth.

Humans have removed approx. 90% of our earth's forests while also adding increasing greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, causing global warming. The remaining forests cannot cope with the additional greenhouse gases.

We seek to protect remaining old growth forests to try to reverse the damage and the species associated with forest habitat. This is in the interests of future generation enjoyment and prosperity and in reducing the greenhouse burden to our atmosphere.

It would take at least (50-100) years for each tree planted today to reach the same foliage cover and co2 absorption capacity as each old growth rainforest tree felled.

We, the undersigned, request that our Australian Government acts immediately to:

(i) Protect All Australian Old Growth Forests (particularly Australian rainforests, including Tasmanian) and All Australian Native Forests from felling for wood chip, paper mill and housing development.

(ii) Require that all logging, wood chipping and paper mills use only wood from plantation forests.

(iii) Require that wood-felling companies be liable to plant a minimum of 2 trees for every one tree felled, to create future forest for sustainable logging and to replace forests already felled by past logging activity.

This is the essence of sustainable industry and sustainable environment.

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