Ed Kelly
United States of America

In order to be fully prepared to deal with COVID-19, Milford hospital needs do what others hospitals are doing to protect its nurses so we can do our jobs safely and keep providing care once our hospitals are faced with an influx of COVID-19 patients. We want to be able to provide the best care possible to our patients and we also don't want to put ourselves at unnecessary risk. In the past days many of our requests and concerns have not been responded to and we are worried that there is not a clear plan for the surge of patients. The following list can be implemented quickly and effectively, as they already have been in many other hospitals to ensure the safety of the staff and patients. Sign the petition to support these common sense plans!

We are asking Milford Hospital the best practices of others around the country by implementing the following:

1. Triage tents outside of the hospital with staff in PPE

2. Designated COVID-19 unit with staff in full PPE, including designated access points such as elevators

3. All nurses are fitted with N95 masks, PAPR availability for those unable to fit in N95

4. Discharge COVID-19 patients through designated exit and with precautions

5. Strict visitor policy is enforced

6. Hospital is offering extra scrubs, laundering them or alternatively providing changing stations

7. On-going and timely education regarding COVID-19, including taking PPE correctly

8. Quarantine housing is available to nurses with exposure

9. Alternative-assignment list for those considered high risk, including pregnant nurses and those immunocompromised or family members who are

10. Exposures are communicated to nurses timely

11. COVID-19 related pay: hazard pay, staff with exposure and symptoms are paid while on quarantine not out of personal time bank

12. Childcare is offered

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