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The Right Wing Religious Fanatics in our country have been pushing for discriminatory constitutional ammendments that purport to be about "saving the sanctity of marriage" by writing discrimination into state and national constitutions.

The logical facts of the situation are made cloudy by their attempts to convince us that the danger to society and the institution of marriage is all about WHO is allowed to get married.

The truth is, the greatest danger to the family and the instiution of marriage is the ease with which these "sanctioned by the Church" marriages are discarded. Church and State are to be seperate under our U.S. Constitution. The only argument used to justify bans on legal gay unions are religious in nature, and therefore banning gay marriage via the constitution is unconstitutional.

You want to save marriage? Ban Divorce.

By signing this petition, I affirm and agree that banning gay marriage is unconstitutional, and that a better method of saving the family and protecting the institution of marriage is to constitutionally ban divorce.

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