As many of you may already know, California recently passed Proposition 8 - A State ballot proposition that amended the State Constitution, to limit marriage to unions between a man and a woman and in doing so, overturned a recent California Supreme Court decision that had recognized same-sex marriage in California as a fundamental right.

Florida & Arizona also passed propositions banning same-sex marriage - and rightfully so.

If you aren't already aware, Marriage is a centuries-old tradition which is recognised by the church as a union between one man & one woman. If we allow same-sex couples to marry, then we open the door to other kinds of sexual relationships like incest and polygamy, basically normalizing these kinds of sexual perversions and changing our social dynamic - for the worse.

If we allow Same-sex marriage, then these will be the consequences:

*Children will be taught that Marriage is between Party A & Party B, and not between a man and a woman. These children will see it as "normal" and we all know that homosexuality is NOT normal, for they cannot reproduce. Our society depends on reproduction - without it, we would not be.

*Churches will be forced to marry same-sex couples and since Marriage is a religious institution, it would undermine the morals and ethics of the followers of Christ.

*This amendment to the law would also open up the floodgates, meaning that other sexual perversions could qualify for marriage. At what point to we draw the line?

Help us Protect & Preserve marriage for our next generation of children. JOIN THE CAUSE!

Support our cause to Protect Marriage in Australia - to make it an exclusive union between One man & One Woman.

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