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Male victims of domestic violence frequently face ridicule rather than help when attempting to leave a violent relationship.

On the one hand men are expected to deal with the issue themselves- and on the other hand they face prison if they defend themselves physically.

Furthermore, custody of the children is usually given to the mother rather than the father and this can result in fathers remaining in violent homes to protect the children.

The first step is state funding of the voluntary associations that have already sprung up to deal with the problem. Ten million pounds a year would be the very minimum that would be required for a national network of refuges.

The police and social services must adopt a gender neutral stance and children must be allowed to leave a violent home and live with the father when the mother is violent.

We call upon the British Government to-

1) Recognise the special problems of male victims of domestic violence in the United Kingdom. These include fear of ridicule and the likely-hood that his children may remain with his violent partner.

2) Fund a national network of domestic violence shelters for men and their children (men will not leave a violent relationship unless they can find a place of safety for their children). This will involve, as a bare minimum, ten million pounds a year channeled through the Mankind Initiative and Men's Aid.

3) Work towards equality of treatment for men and women by all government departments in the shortest possible time.

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