To: All Louisiana Senators and Representatives
United States of America

A petition to amend Louisiana law to provide liability protection to private land owners hosting off-road events on their private property.

In the past, Louisiana landowners hosted a variety of off-road events on their private property, providing significant economic impact to the state and local communities. However, the recent inability of organizations to obtain affordable liability insurance has eliminated our state as a destination for off-road events.
By amending Louisiana law to include liability protection for vehicles over the current 1,500 lb weight limit, Louisiana will once again become a travel destination for off-road organizations which now travel to surrounding states due to the ease of obtaining affordable liability coverage. This will impact off-road enthusiasts within the state and region as well as the local communities which realize fiscal benefits from increased tourism.
This amendment represents a crucial step in returning Louisiana to the list of travel destinations for off-road events by providing affordable liability insurance. I fully support this amendment and ask that you do the same.

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