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Laird Creek watershed is due to be logged! The ecology of this fish bearing creek will be gone! The Laird creek in Balfour has already been compermised in the 2011 landslide into the watershed, due to negligence and poor logging practices. We need government to stop the practice of logging out watersheds that are crucial to stustaining our eco system from draughty, forest fire and drinkable water.
Join us now in the movement to protect watersheds in the Kootney Valley!

We the undersigned call the government, ministries, and forestries to take action on the logging of the Laird Creek watershed and my fundamental right to protected water sources.

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The Protect Laird Creek Watershed, Balfour Face and Redfish! petition to Government, ministries, and forestries was written by Monica Jones and is in the category Local Government at GoPetition.

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