Department of Labor, OSHA and the Coast Guard
United States of America

From report Published by U.S. CDC, Center for Disease Control, in 1999: They estimate 3000 working commercial divers in the United States.

“At the average of five deaths per year this corresponds to a rate of 180 deaths per 100,000 employed divers per year, which is 40 times the national average death rate for all workers. This group, which accounts for most of the commercial dive time underwater, includes divers involved in construction, maintenance, and inspection of vessels and structures such as oil rigs, bridges, and dams. The remaining 67 deaths occurred among workers who were not full-time divers; these include seafood harvest divers, search and rescue divers, scientific divers, dive instructors, and nonmilitary federal agency divers.”

Nothing has been done about this report! At this time OSHA nor the Coast Guard has a means for tracking Death or serious incident among Commercial Divers. All though they regulate the Industry they have NO classification for Commercial Diver.

No. 1 regards the OSHA and Coast Guard investigation and reporting:

We the undersigned, require that the Coast Guard and OSHA, as regulatory bodies for the commercial diving industry, be charged with the investigation and reporting of all incidents occurring on any commercial diving operation in a timely manner.

No. 2 removes the 3 man team.

We the undersigned, require that a minimum five man team manning level be a requirement of law, and must consist of:
• One certificated diving supervisor
• One certificated diver
• One certificated standby diver
• Two qualified diving tenders
We also require that for mixed gas diving operations, an additional dedicated surface gas rack operator be mandatory.

No. 3 regards Dive Supervisor (certificate) Licensing:

We the undersigned, require the Coast Guard and OSHA set up a Licensing system for Dive Supervisors. It should have legal standing under law. This license should be revocable and the licensees subject to law for gross negligence. At this time a SCUBA Certification has more standing under U.S. Law than an ADCI or IMCA Supervisor Card.

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