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We are lulled into a false sense of security thinking that areas designated as of 'out standing natural beauty' are safe from development, but on a whim a government can decide that it is 'in the national interest' to develop these areas.

"In the national interest" is a very vague term and it really means that someone - whether a public body or a private body will profit from the ruination of our precious areas of outstanding natural beauty.

There is ALWAYS an alternative to developing these areas - it just means less profit or more costs for the government. If we don't make a stand we will lose the cotswolds, the chilterns, yorkshire dales and many other outstanding areas bit by bit, and our children's heritage will be sold down the river successive governments.

There should at least be a referendum on any major projects affecting OUR areas of outstanding natural beauty, when they do not enhance or conserve the natural beauty of these areas.

We call upon all MPs and those involved in law making to enshrine in law the protection of areas of outstanding natural beauty from significant development which does not enhance or conserve the natural beauty of the area, unless given a mandate for this by a referendum, as it is the only way of protecting our children's inheritance from all types of profiteering - whether from government or private bodies.

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