#Civil Rights
The govt of Pakistan and all politicians

Another Ahmedi mosque has been attacked this time in Sialkot. The main protagonist is former PML-N and now PTI member Hafiz Hamid Raza. Pakistan does not have any standing on the global front if it claims it wants to take a stand for Kashmiri Muslims or Palestinians or anywhere in the world if Pakistan cannot guarantee equal rights and freedoms to all minorities in Pakistan. Instead of fostering an environment of tolerance, the politicians themselves are instigating hatred, when they should be the ones trying to pull the country together.

I am starting this petition to the parliament to ask them to ensure that ALL our citizens ... regardless of their beliefs, are treated with dignity and respect. An FIR be launched immediately to arrest persons responsible for this latest travesty and the politician Hafiz Hamid Raza be arrested and be brought to justice. One law for all! It’s time for Pakistan to take a stand for her people and show courage and integrity. It’s time for Pakistan to teach tolerance of all faiths and those that oppose that... should be treated as criminals

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