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Okay, about 5 of my accounts have been hacked and/or frozen. My favorite account, my i_luv_the_usa_ account had a plushie collection which cost me ove 350,000 neopoints. This was my 5th out of 5 attemts to have a successful account. And it yet again failed. If you think this is stupid, look at my i_luv_the_usa_ account. Look at the shop. Empty. Look at the look-up. A male from andorros???? What??? I'm a GIRL from the UNITED STATES hence the name i_luv_the_usa_. This is just 2 pretty much let neopets know how many people's accounts have been hacked that they just let pass by.

I'm just asking 4 you 2 sign to stop hackers and 2 get frozen accounts back. Thank you.

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