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Support me to stop the Safe Drug Compounding Act of 2007 which will be introduced as a bill by Senators Edward Kennedy and Richard Burr.

My health issues started in 1987. I have seen numerous doctors to correct these issues but with no results. It is not until this year that I have found a doctor that has helped me and has prescribed compounded medications.

Because of these medications, my health has improved dramatically. The pharmacist who does my compounded medications mentioned the impending bill before Congress. I implore you as a concern citizen and a person whose health depends on compounded medications to support our efforts to stop this bill.

I am writing to you on behalf of someone who relies on compounded medications. She has a condition that off-the-shelf prescription pharmaceuticals cannot treat and I am concerned that efforts to impose new restrictions on the practice of pharmacy compounding would limit the ability to receive the medication she needs.

Millions of people like her also rely on compounded medications, which are prescribed to them by their doctors. They all have needs that are unique to them for which pharmaceutical manufacturers do not provide medications. Their doctor has prescribed a medication that meets their needs and their pharmacist prepares that medication for them.

I hope that you will consider her case and the cases of others like her who need compounded medications to live comfortably and for some just to live. Please ensure that their doctors will continue to be able to prescribe compounded medications, that their pharmacists will continue to be able to prepare compounded medications and that they will continue to be able to take compounded medications.

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