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Acacia meiantha is a rare Australian wattle, with a range of less than 100km in regional NSW. It is inadequately reserved, leaving plants susceptible to destruction by a variety of human activities.

This petition's purpose is to lobby relevant government parties to have a portion of the plant's natural habitat in the Mullions Range protected as a Flora Reserve.

We, the undersigned call upon Cabonne Council, The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and ForestsNSW to designate a section of Mullions Range Forest Reserve or other Acacia meiantha natural habitat as a Flora Reserve of no less than 5 acres in size.

The purpose of the reserve is to protect this and other endangered species growing in the Mullion Range area.

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The Protect Acacia meiantha petition to Local and NSW state government departments was written by Jacqui Murray and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.

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