New York State District Attorney's Office
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As of February 2012 there are now 25 New cases of Cancer of NYPD officers who worked at Ground Zero.

Many were told that the air was safe but this was false and if not a flat out lie.

A need for trial to scrutinize who knew what and when they knew it.

Justice for victims and those families who have lost loved ones.

We who sign this petition; agree that a grave injustice was done to those who worked at "Ground Zero" following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center. Many were lied to regarding the safety of air quality and that those who are responsible for perpetuating bogus air quality information are criminally negligent.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon the State Of New York to bring to justice by way of public trial, all those who may bare any responsibility for misinforming the public. Especially for those who were needlessly put in harms way. Most of whom were public servants Police, Fire, and Emergency personnel. Those who spend their professional lives protecting the public were seriously betrayed by their own government officials.

Foremost, the EPA, the government agency that has the highest authority in this incident, and was Directed by Christine Todd Whitman at the time. The EPA especially Christine Todd Whitman needs to be held accountable and criminally responsible for the false information.

We believe only in a public trial of ALL Federal, State and City officials involved can a just resolution be brought about. That no one can claim immunity from the law in a Democracy governed by and for the people. That those who may be at fault MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! We believe that the trustworthiness of the EPA has been seriously undermined by the failure to protect the people. That they failed TO THE POINT OF NEGLIGENCE.

We, who sign this petition, believe it is incumbent upon the State of New York's District Attorney's Office to prosecute without any delay, those who are at fault in this tragedy.

We ask the State District Attorney to allow the light of justice to shine on those who are at fault.

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