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On 9 July 2013, an inquest found that Mr Jimmy Mubenga was “unlawfully killed” by G4S guards on a British Airways flight. This ruling must be implemented. Those responsible for his death must be prosecuted.

Mr Mubenga, husband and a father of five, was killed by G4S guards on a BA flight in October 2010. The three G4S guards deporting Mr Mubenga to Angola restrained him for over 40 minutes in a position known to cause asphyxia. They dismissed his suffering saying people being deported “are always like this”. The BA crew carried on with routine flight procedures while Mr Mubenga cried out for help, saying he couldn’t breathe and “They are killing me.”

The crew moved passengers to a section of the plane further away from Mr Mubenga’s pleas. The guards held him down until he died. One alarmed crew member tried to alert the pilot but was dismissed as ridiculous. At the inquest, she blew the whistle on G4S guards, exposing their lies and thuggish behaviour.

The G4S killers had racist jokes on their mobile phones, abusing Black, immigrant and Muslim people. G4S guards are offered financial incentives to keep detainees quiet – they get a bonus for a successful deportation.

If Mr Mubenga’s killers are not prosecuted then every asylum seeker’s life is at risk and every life is devalued. If these killings are not stopped, the Home Office will feel able to use companies like G4S to kill any of us.

We therefore demand:

1. The Crown Prosecution Service reverse its decision not to prosecute those responsible for Mr Mubenga’s unlawful death. G4S must face charges of corporate manslaughter and the guards face charges of manslaughter;

2. That G4S government contracts for running removal centres and deportations be revoked;

3. That BA managers and crew who allowed the assault to continue despite Mr Mubenga’s obvious distress, be sacked and prosecuted;

4. That Mr Mubenga’s family is properly compensated;

5. That those who assault deportees be prosecuted for this crime. The lives of asylum seekers - women, children and men, who have fled genocide, wars, rape and other torture are being put at risk daily.

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