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According to Prop. 12 the public was informed award limits would be $750,000.00, but became $250,000.00 for pain ans suffering unless there were multiple defendants.

The Texas Constitution guarantees our access to juries and judges, but with Prop. 12 politicians are taking our rights away.

All Texans need to stand together and put the decisions for limits back to the juries and judges. It's our rights as citizens.

But forget about the awards. We must have this law revised because of human lives and health are at risk.

I am a prime example of why this is a dangerous law. I have been left at death's door for four years. I underwent brain surgery for 2 brain aneurysms four years ago. The surgery was done different from what the doctors had explained to me. I was told that the aneurysms would be removed. Sadly to say, they left both of the aneurysms in my brain and allowed them to bleed down. This went on for three weeks. This could have caused my death.

Horrifying as this may sound, they also left a clip/ tool in my head along with a needle and a broken staple. This could cause my death.

This is a major reason why this law needs to be revised.

Our main focus is on lives and human health.

We were lead to believe this law was to stop frivalise law suits, but little did texans know that this would impead our rights as patients in a hospital setting.

Many of my family, friends, and acquaintances have also experienced inadequate health care that has caused long term health problems and some have even died.

We, the undersigned, oppose Proposition 12 and seek reform of this horrifying Law.

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