#City & Town Planning
Mayor and Councillors of the City of Ballarat

A group of Ballarat residents have formed an organisation to campaign against developments that will severely affect existing and future residential areas in the north and west of Ballarat. Calling themselves PAAE (People Against Airport Expansion) their major aim is to focus attention on the apparent unwillingness of the Ballarat City Council to listen to residents' concerns.

Having researched the development plans it became clear to PAAE that these plans are far from transparent to the community and they fail to provide an overall picture. PAAE recognise the importance of development, however, we call on Council to ensure that residents' opinions regarding their total quality of life be given prime consideration.

The PAAE Website has been set up to provide information to the Ballarat community.

WE, the undersigned, request the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Ballarat seriously reconsider the expansion of the Ballarat Aerodrome and all connected developments. The petitioners whose names, addresses and signatures appear hereunder petition the Ballarat City Council as follows:

• We oppose all schools training commercial airline pilots at the Ballarat Aerodrome, which endanger lives and cause noise and air pollution to residents;

• We oppose any expansion of the Ballarat Aerodrome that may result in increased air traffic and the introduction of passenger jets;

• We oppose all other related developments linked to the Ballarat Aerodrome expansion that include the inappropriate mixing of industrial and residential areas and the proposed Ballarat Western Link Road through established and future residential neighbourhoods.

Please sign this petition. Together we can make a difference.

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