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Nanaimo, BC Canada

The South End in Nanaimo is demographically one of the most economically challenged areas of Nanaimo. Despite its economical challenges this area has a vibrant neighbourhood community that embraces diversity.
There is an existing OCP that addresses the development for the South End. Its objectives included a diverse and sustainable community inclusive of affordable housing.
The OCP has designated the area of Haliburton Street north of Needham/Haliburton intersection as a 'neighbourhood' zone . Neighbourhood zones call for mixed housing from single family through duplexes, triplexes, quadruplexes, town houses and 2-4 story condos with a maximum occupancy of 10-50 dwelling units per hectaire. (Page 25 South End Neighbourhood Plan para 12)
The Harbourview master plan contains predominantly 5 story condos in close proximity to one another. https://www.parkshore.ca/blog/nanaimo-news-bulletin-developer-shows-off-long-term-vision-for-neighbourhood-close-to-nanaimos-downtown/
Density resulting from multiple 5 story buildings proposed in the Harbourview master plan is exponentially higher than 50 units per hectare.

The developer has proposed that higher density increases affordability. It has been shown in multiple cities that density may lead to affordability in the short term but inevitably they become unaffordable as the population increases. This is vividly demonstrated by the high density and high prices of Vancouver.

The public meeting hosted by Parkshore to answer the questions of residents was a sharade. During the presentations assurances that the neighbourhood plan was being used as a guide, Key questions were asked of the developer Mr. Parker who assured residents that the buildings would exceed green standards with living walls and roof top gardens as well as green spaces and smart design for encouraging community development within the complexes.. Mr. Parker expressed excitement about working with the South End Neighbourhood Plan.
The building that has since been completed does not meet the vision painted by Mr. Parker. There are no green living walls. Lattice for the growth of ivy is present. That is not the definition of a living wall.
The roof is advertised as a patio garden, a far cry from a roof-top garden.
There development plan does not reflect the guiding principles of the OCP.
There is a loss of the historic character of the neighbourhood, displacement of families and renters.
The developers are marketing luxury condo living to residents beyond the shores of Vancouver Island. This is completely contrary to the spirit and guidelines of the OCP South End Neighbourhood Plan.

We the undersigned call on the municipal government of Nanaimo; Mayor Krog and council, to uphold the development proposals of the South End Neighbourhood Plan of 2010 as the guiding document for development in the South End in accordance with the Official Community Plan for Nanaimo.
Namely to uphold the the designation of neighbourhood for the area of Haliburton Street north of the Needham intersection. Neighbourhood designation provides for lower density residential areas along with parks and open spaces, schools, and local service centers supporting residential neighbourhoods. A mix of low density may include detached and semi detached dwelling units, secondary suites, coach houses, special needs housing, mobile homes, duplexes, triplexes, quadruplexes and townhouses. The designation supports residential densities from 10 to 50 dwelling units per hectare in two to four storey building forms.
The Parkshore masterplan is proposing medium density in the form of closely packed 5 storey condominium mid rise buildings far exceeding the recommended density for the area.
The construction of 5 storey buildings in the form of luxury condos with boutique coffee shops.
> Destroys the character of this historic neighbourhood.
> Displaces local residents
> Destroys the vibrant community vibe of the area
> Local residents lose their views
>Restricts views to those who can afford to buy into luxury condos.
>Adversely affects existing food gardens and street plantings by shading
>Decreases the Nanaimo inventory of affordable housing for families.
>Creates unmanageable challenges for street parking
>Will create additional strain and congestion during days for garbage/recycling/.compost pick up.
>Increasing property taxes will eventually force local residents out of their homes even if they don't want to sell..
Research has shown that the mass production of high density building does not relieve the burden for affordable housing. 'Densification may exacerbate inequities for racial minorities, the working and low-income class and those who want children, while overwhelmingly supporting free-market and corporate
This development is being marketed to potential buyers beyond Vancouver Island.
The Parkshore Corporation will meet their corporate interests. The community will be destroyed. Citizens of Nanaimo will be displaced and the affordable housing crisis will worsen.
We ask that the Mayor and council support the development of the Southend in accordance with the Southend Neighbourhood plan.
Support the people of Nanaimo and create strong sustainable affordable communities.

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