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Give Mason, OH the skatepark it deserves! With endless "No Skateboarding" signs and nowhere to go, dreams and passions of skateboarding die.

Growing up in Mason was hard as a skateboarder. With the nearest skatepark being 30-45 minutes away and no license, skateboarding became a rarity. We weren't allowed to skate anywhere in town because unfailingly we would be thrown out by the time we started.

That's why when Mason had plans to build a skatepark, the local community was ecstatic. Of course, plans eventually fell through and created a drought in the skateboarding scene.

It kills me, as a young adult, to see the younger generation of skateboarders struggling to hold on to their dream. I want to be apart of a change that gives an opportunity to those kids to follow their dreams and passions. These are the grinders of this world, the go-getters, instead of being inside on electronics, they are out pursing their passion.

I am calling YOU! to Join me as a community to urge the City of Mason to revamp the old skatepark project. I will be working on meeting with the city board and discussing future opportunities to give skateboarders a chance to truly pursue their passion in the City of Mason.

If revamping the old plans fail, DONT WORRY! I have a plan to have a community funded Halfpipe through a site such a GoFundMe (or similar website). Our main Goal is to revamp the old skatepark plans! Only if it falls through will we move forward with the community funded option. More info will follow depending on future meetings with the city.

Join me in PROJECT SKATE MASON and be apart of what our future could be! Like this page and write us for your voice to be heard!

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Keep skateboarding alive!
-Eoin Walden

We, the undersigned, Call upon the City of Mason to revisit building a skatepark in our community.

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