#Roads & Transport
El Paso, Texas
United States of America

The need for a pedestrian bridge over Mesa Street has been apparent for some time now.

In 2003, two young people lost their lives while using the crosswalk on the corner of Cincinnati St and Mesa St. This tragedy prompted the city to install a stop light at the intersection and to make Cincinnati a one-way street.

In 2007, two more people lost their lives when a drunk driver ran a red light with two prior DUI charges. A change is definitely needed! What will the city do now?

Cincinnati Street is where an average of 5000 people flock to every night of the week with that number almost cuadrupling of the weekends! A safer way for pedestrians to cross the main artery of the West Side of El Paso (Mesa) is necessary before another life is lost needlessly.

We ask all citizens of El Paso and anyone who regularly uses Mesa or visits CIncinnati Street to demand that City Council address the dangerous intersection that has been the site of 4 deaths in 4 years.

We propose to erect a pedestrian bridge that would run over Mesa Street connecting both ends of CIncinnati Street without requiring the pedestrian to walk over the non-stop traffic as opposed to going through it, the way it is now.

Please sign our petition to make a difference, fully knowing that the life you save may be your own!

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