#Consumer Affairs
Capcom & Jazwares Inc.

Feb. 24, 2005

Basically, Jazwares are a great company that make high quality Megaman figures, and also appear to take fan suggestions.

Unfortunately, while they want to produce these figures, both Jazwares and Capcom are not sure if they'll get enough sales of female action figures in the Megaman series -specifically figures of Roll Light.

Female action figures have never sold well before, which is an unforunate shame; I believe that with more strong female role models nowadays, and the popularity of the female characters in the Megaman series, they will sell well this time around, especially because the target audience for Megaman figures is more geared towards older fans of the series than just kids.

If you would like to see a Roll figure sometime in the near future, or Ciel, Marino, Leviathan, Tronne or any others, please sign :)

They have told me they need to produce a production run of 5,000 Roll Light figures; if we can even get 1/5th of that in signatures it would be a great achievement.

Also, please contact Jazwares - http://www.jazwares.com/contact.htm
to show your support, if you don't reckon the petition is enough.

I hereby agree that there should be a production run of Roll and other female Megaman action figures, and would most likely purchase one if I had the chance or money.

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