Muse, Tom Kirk, Warner Music Group

"Exogenesis" is a three-part symphony recorded and released by English alternative rock band Muse for their fifth studio album The Resistance. The song is absolutely stunning, and a pinnacle moment in musical history.

A hugely theatrical composition, the symphony is presented in three movements, entitled "Overture", "Cross-Pollination" and "Redemption", occupying 13 minutes of playing time.

Muse have released brilliant and extravagant music videos in the past, including "Bliss", "Supermassive Black Hole" and - most recently - "Uprising". "Exogenesis" clearly warrants a music video, and would be freakin' sweet!

We, the undersigned, call on Muse and Tom Kirk (or an external music video director), associated with Warner Music Group, to produce and release a music video for their three-part symphonic song "Exogenesis", released on The Resistance in 2009.

We recognise that the song is brilliant, historical and warrants a visual production due to its theatrical nature.

Many of us will be willing to pay for such a video, exposing such an unconventional song to the public.

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