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John Kasich
United States of America

Anti-abortion activists in Ohio want to stop women from getting abortions only because they do not wish to have a baby with Down syndrome, rallying around a bill endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee. Supporters argue that if you discriminate against the fetus because it has down syndrome is discriminating against a person.

The movement to end abortion due to down syndrome began in 2013 after North Dakota made it illegal to terminate a fetus with down syndrome. The president of the Ohio Right to Life, Mike Gonidakis and his organization created the bill titled House Bill 135. The reason for the creation of the bill is that down syndrome is very noticeable and news of a fetus with down syndrome could lead to early termination. “Roughly 60% to 90% of women who get a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome will choose to terminate their pregnancy” (“State Facts About Abortion”).

The Ohio Right to Life group and other pro-life organizations know that nobody is perfect and that everyone deserves a right to life. They see the bill not just as an abortion bill to as an anti discrimination bill.

Support the fight to ban abortion due to Down Syndrome in Ohio. Nobody is perfect and everyone deserves a right to life.

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