#Human Rights
Every Mp within the country, 10,11 downing street, EU centre Brussels'
United Kingdom

This is officially neither a pro-life or pro-choice movement to prevent discrimination. The first aim is an open petition sent via email to every MP in the country and a letter sent to both 10 and 11 Downing Street and the European Union Headquarters Brussels.

The aim to bring down the abortion limit of disabled foetus’s to 24 weeks rather than up till birth to show equal value for human life regardless of physical or mental disability.

This petition demands an equal abortion limit in the U.K for disabled and healthy foetuses. The current limit for disabled foetus’s is up till birth where as for an healthy foetus the limit is at 24 weeks, the aim of this petition is create equality by bringing down the limit for disabled foetus’ to 24 weeks. The message sent by having differing limits depending on health we believe not only directly crosses with other laws in the U.K (The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), The Disability Equality Duty) and international principles (The UN Convention on disability rights) but also sends a strong message to the disabled people of our country that they are not equally valuable within society.

Though equality regardless of physical or mental problems is implemented throughout British law in this circumstance it rejects basic principles up held in all other fields of law. The law authorises the destruction of embryos which could live outside the womb which can directly lead to infanticide if the abortion in question is a failure and also encourages a social engineering policy. The law has direct itself has direct links with the Euthanasia programme implemented on disabled children and adults within Nazi-Germany.

For these reasons all of the bellow sign the petition in the desire of the abortion limit for all foetus’s being 24 weeks.

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