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We as a people have a right to privacy in our own cars. The reason so many vehicles are being broken into is because just how the police want to see in your car, so can the criminals. No one should be able to see into your car without your consent. Just because of a few bad apples must we all be treated as criminals?

My car is like a second home to me and the same way persons shouldn't be able to just come and look in my house as they please they shouldn't be able to do it to my car. Not only is it affecting our privacy but we all know the sun in The Bahamas does not play.

These tints also protect our skin from the harmful UV rays we are constantly exposed to and that can cause harmful damage, disease and death if not checked. This is a matter of protection for ourselves and our belongings.

If you agree, sign this petition. It's time for us, as a people, to stand together for what we believe. The Government should not be able to pass or even remove any law they choose without our input.

We, the people of The Bahamas, call upon The Bahamas Government to remove the tint ban law.

Our privacy is a right that no one should be able to dictate to.

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