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PRISM is a Canadian music act that was at the top of the Canadian music scene between the years of 1977-1982. The Canadian Music Industry has since seem to have forgotten what PRISM accomplished but their fans to this day have not. Nearly 40 years later PRISM continues to tour, keeping standards alive many Canadian music lovers grew up listening to such as the classics 'Spaceship Superstar', 'See Forever Eyes', Armageddon', 'Night To Remember' 'Young and Restless' and 'Flyin' to name a few. Their songs are still heard on radio stations around the world thanks to the members at the height of their success who deserve be honoured in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, those being Ron Tabak (RIP), Al Harlow, Rocket Norton, Lindsay Mitchel and John Hall.

They've sold millions of records, multi-platinum album sales, Juno Award winners, sold out top Canadian touring band during their peak years with the biggest international record deal at the time and one of only a handful of recording artist to have their music actually played in outer space. NASA chose PRISM's 'Spaceship Superstar' as their official song on their last voyage in space for the Spaceshuttle Discovery.

These are just some of the amazing things PRISM has accomplished yet the Juno Awards/Canadian Music Hall of Fame continue to fail to recognize them for what they accomplished and the joy their music has brought to countless music lovers. Apart from all of their accomplishments, PRISM was also a launching pad for some of the most influential Canadian musicians around the world including Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance, Bruce Fairbairn, Bob Rock as well as music management leaders including Bruce Allen.

Please show your support in signing this petition to having the Canadian Music Hall of Fame finally recognize one of Canada's greatest musical talents. Or write them directly at the Canadianmusichallofame.ca.

Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian Music Hall of Fame to finally recognize and honour PRISM for their significant contributions to not only the Canadian Music Industry but to music lovers around the world.

Nearly 40 years after their first single release 'Spaceship Superstar', their music is still being played, listened to and celebrated by music lovers from the Canadian coast to coast and abroad.

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