#Human Rights
Australian Prime Minister

After President Obama refused to meet the Dalia Lama in Washington, last week the office of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced he would not meet the Dalai Lama during a December visit.

Having met Hu Jiantoa five times in the last two years and HH the Dalai Lama zero times, Kevin Rudds lack of interest and concern for human rights in general and Tibetan Human rights in particular is becoming quite clear.

In 2002, when Mr. Rudd was in opposition, he said it was "pretty weak" that then-Foreign Minister Alexander Downer couldn't find time to meet the Tibetan during a visit. Mr. Rudd's predecessor, John Howard, met with the Dalai Lama twice while he was in office, including during his first year as prime minister.

We the undersigned implore Mr Kevin Rudd not to cave in to Chinese pressure before it is even applied, thus rewarding Beijing's history of bullying.

We ask him to remember his words of April 2008 about Australians being concerned about the situation in Tibet and we ask him to remember his humanity and meet a spiritual man who’s only concern is to relieve the terrible long term suffering of his peaceful people. There is more to life on this planet than dollars Mr Rudd!

Please Meet the Dalai Lama in December!

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