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You might know that the iPad Mini was recently revealed. If you are like me, you are super excited about this new product.

Sadly, this product is ridiculously overpriced. The iPad Mini costs $329! This is extreamly overpriced considering it's 7.9". Why does Apple think that because it's an iPad that they can charge us over $100 more than we should pay!?

The market for these type of tablets are between $150-$200 (Kindle Fire-$150, Nexus 7 and Nook-$199). The iPad should at least cost half the price of the New iPad ($500). I feel that the iPad Minis price range should be between $150-$250.

Yes, the iPad series has lots of great technology. I still think that we shouldn't be overpriced because it's and iPad.

We, iPad and technology lovers, feel that the iPad Mini is overpriced. We feel that the iPad Mini should be priced between $150-$250.

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