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Taiwan Government

According to Sibley Guide’s investigation, window collision is the 1st of the unnatural reason for bird death. Every year may have eight million birds dies because of bird window collision in Korea. And Taiwan's buildings are more than Korea's, so we guess the amount of bird window collisions is close to eight million or even more.
In Taiwan, there are few pieces of information about bird window collisions. Although some Non-Governmental Organizations are trying to collect or record them, until 2020, there are only about seven hundred pieces of information.
The Taiwan government seems they don't pay much attention to this issue, there are many buildings in Taiwan without the facility to avoid the happening of bird window collisions. If this condition doesn't be improved, more and more birds will die because of window collisions.

We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the Taiwan government need to have the following actions:
1. Set the department to prevent bird window collision, as many as they can record the information of bird window collision and do some action to prevent window collision.
2. The building in the area where the birds often haunt needs to have facilities to prevent the bird window collision covering more than 50% window of that building.
3. Promote the prevention of bird window collisions to the public, let more people know the severity of window collisions, and plan some budgets to encourage people to set up the facility to prevent bird window collisions.

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