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In the fall of 2009 the Avondale School District began to study its' building utilization in order to reduce costs in the midst of their current budget crisis. Several alternatives are being proposed:

1. Close one of the existing lower elementary schools, leaving three lower elementary K-4, one upper elementary 5-6, and one middle school 7-8.

2. Close the upper elementary school 5-6, making the current four lower elementary schools K-5 and the middle school 6-8.

3. Close a lower elementary K-4 building, making three of the remaining lower elementary K-3, changing the upper elementary to 4-6, and leave the middle school 7-8.

So, what does closing a lower elementary school mean?
- Requires re-districting of ALL the lower elementary students.
- Adversely impacts the largest number of our students - Over 1,300.
- Disruption to students and instability with long lasting effects especially those students with special needs.
- Longer bus rides for many students.
- If one elementary school closes, it impacts ALL elementary schools. No school is left untouched.
- Lines would have to be "redrawn" across neighborhoods, current schools, etc.

Which option would have the least impact the majority of our children?
- Closing the upper elementary school disrupts the fewest number of children.
- The current 4th graders remain at their current school
- The current 5th graders would move to the middle school one year earlier.
- The wonderful staff, teachers, activities and outstanding programs can be retained and expanded within the remaining schools.

So, what can we do to prevent re-districting our elementary schools?
A) Sign this petition to show our solidarity and support to keep our exisiting lower elementary schools open and prevent the re-districting of our students.
B) Share this information with your friends and neighbors.
C) Send an e-mail to the Avondale School Board to let them know your opinion.
D) Attend the next school board meeting February 8th at 7pm and let your voice be heard.

We, the undersigned, call on the Avondale School Board to:

1) Minimize the impact on the majority of our students;

2) Keep our existing lower elementary schools open;

3) Prevent the re-districting of our elementary school students.

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