Parents of students, MOH, MOE

The sale of soft/sweet drinks in schools is a primary factor which contributes to obesity in the young.According to an article written by Straits Times earlier this year, there has been a continuous rise in childhood obesity over the years. Reporting that 13% of children in mainstream schools are overweight, a slight increase from 11%. Although the percentage difference is small, it is notable enough for us to take action. The fact that obesity in children has only continued to grow over the years should be a prompt for us to carry out the necessary action.

An unhealthy body weight in childhood is highly likely to persist and progress later in life, leading to an increased risk of medical conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and strokes. Which is the primary reason as to why there is an urgent need for us to start early and prevent such drinks from being sold in schools.

I, call on the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education to eliminate the sale of soft/sweet drinks in schools.

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