#Animal Welfare
New Zealand Government
New Zealand

After the news that the NZ Government has stepped up and decided to ban the sale of all legal highs until they have been proven to be safe, they then decided that the only way to find out which was safe and which is not - is to test these ridiculous drugs on animals. This is a barbaric idea and I am calling on the NZ Government to stop this torturous plan before it is taken any further.

John Key admitted he was not prepared to authorise testing the drugs on rabbits and likely dogs. But said he might be comfortable with the use of rodents - so the animals with cute fluffy tails are important and those without are not?

Where do you draw the line?

These drugs are not helping anyone and there is no need for any animals to suffer for the sake of a minority wanting to get a buzz. If you agree - please sign.

We, the undersigned, are calling on the New Zealand Government to prevent the testing of any 'Legal Highs', on animals - big or small.

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