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Prevent Gun Violence Sacramento

Too much gun violence in Sacramento? Too easy for kids, and criminals to acquire guns and ammunition?

Most Sacramentans think the answers are YES to the questions above.
If you agree…join me in a Campaign to keep guns off our streets and help curb gun violence!

In 2007, the City of Sacramento adopted an ordinance to curb gun violence in our community. Since then, this “Ammunition Ordinance” has helped police arrest 151 criminals and gang members seeking to load their weapons, and has led to the confiscation of over 100 firearms from the hands of felons.

Innovative New Law

This innovative new law is now a model for statewide legislation. Due to Sacramento’s success, AB 962 by state Assembly Member Kevin DeLeon recently passed out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee. AB 962 would regulate ammunition sales at a statewide level and make our streets safer. Here’s where we need your support. Please contact your state Assembly representative to share your concerns about increasing gun violence. Urge them to pass AB 962!

See the link below for a video clip on the City of Sacramento’s ordinance and pending statewide legislation.


Background on the City of Sacramento Ammunition Ordinance

The Sacramento law is simple: gun dealers must finger print, check ID and keep a log of those who purchase ammunition. Law enforcement can then crosscheck those names with a database of known felons who are prohibited from owning guns and ammunition. In addition to the over 100 firearms that were confiscated, police also recovered thousands of rounds of ammunition!

However, our efforts are under attack.

The NRA and Gun Owners of California are pursuing a legal challenge to our successful law. We believe our effort respects the Second Amendment and is a reasonable, common sense gun law.

And, we refuse to be bullied their threats. In fact, we are asking other cities and jurisdictions to join us in adopting similar laws.

If you’d like to contact us, you can do so via email at preventgunviolencesacramento@gmail.com.
Please join us today!

What you can do to help:

Please take a couple of minutes to reply to our petition here, you will be making a difference by urging our statewide officials to support AB 962.

I, the undersigned, believe that Sacramento’s new ammunition ordinance is making a difference curbing gun violence.

I support Sacramento’s ammunition ordinance and urge my state Assembly representative to support AB 962 in an effort to keep guns and ammunition out of the hands of criminals.

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