Daniel Andrews MP, Minister for Health, Victoria

VICTORIA'S Health Minister has given the green light for GPs to charge patients if they turn up late, saying it's not his role to stop them.

"It’s up to GPs whether they charge patients for being late", Health Minister Daniel Andrews said.

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The Herald Sun revealed this morning, July 1, that doctors have begun charging patients a fee of up to $50 for being just 10 minutes late for appointments.

It is most unfair for people with genuine reasons for being late, to have to pay over and above their consultation fee. Those who cannot drive, like the elderly, are at the mercy of taxi or bus drivers, to get them there on time for their appointments.

There are ways for GPs to continue on with their schedules if anyone is late, so a late- fee is most unacceptable. For example,a doctor can take the next patient in line and the late comer will take his turn later.

Mr Andrews' words contain no warnings or cautions to the doctors. In fact, they sound like he approves of the idea.

If this system comes into Victoria, it will be no time before the other states follow suit.

We ask citizens, Australia wide, to sign this petition.

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Daniel Andrews, MP
Ministerial Office
Level 22, 50 Lonsdale Street,
Melbourne Vic 3000
Ph: 9096 8561
Fax: 9096 8355

We, the undersigned, call on Daniel Andrews MP, Victoria, to ensure that honest people, with reasonable excuses for being late, are not punished by being charged over and above the normal consultation fee for a GP visit.

We ask him to advise doctors not to charge a late fee. We ask him to confer with the AMA and community health bodies so that they can devise a fairer system.

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