Marlene king

So pretty little liars ended and in my opinion we deserve a season 8 or atleast a movie, we've so many unanswered questions and we want the answers to them, you cant leave u with these questions and give us nothing. That's why I'm making this petition for a season 8 or atleast a movie like we don't know anything about Alex Drake, what the hell happened to Bethany, what is the matter with Melissa always? And we want like the ships further in their lives, haleb happily married with their children, Emison happily married with their children, Ezria happily married with adopted kids and much more of spoby, we haven't got anything of spoby in ages, we deserve this and no Marlene we don't want a spinoff with the liars wannabes, we want our liars and we want Mona to be included, mona deserves better, like Marlene did u forget about Mina? Please Marlene we are begging you, give us the answers.


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