#Animal Rights

Approximately 750,000,000 animals are slaughtered each year for food.

Few people who eat meat, fish, or products made from them are aware of how the animals are killed.

The most popular method of slaughter is when the animal is stunned by a number of inhumane methods (gas, carbon dioxide, electrical shock) allowing them to drain the blood from the animal while it is unconcious, but still alive unable to function.

We people of the BPI group feel that the meat and fish industries should find another way of killing the animals. We understand it is a difficult area and any other way of killing would raise meat prices. But we feel it is a minor drawback to the rights of the animals.

We would like the industries to put some efort into the proces of finding a new method.

We, the undersigned, would like the meat and fish industries to put more effort into finding a more humane way of the slaughtering of animals.

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