Politcal -Manatory holiday for presidential elections
United States of America

When Presidential elections are such a huge part of our democracy there should be no barriers when it comes to making it to the polls to vote on such an historic day for our nation.

If you were to ask the general population, there would be an overwhelming response saying yes. Why shouldn't there be ? This in the past has been a barrier for me personally.

In the past sometimes a challenge. This should never be an issue. A national holiday would assure for most a god given right to vote for all in America.

It is the right of all Americans without hindrance or obstacles to have the best chance to make it to the polls to vote for a new presidential candidate every four years.

A national holiday would give the working class reassurance and all others that there right to vote would not be stopped on account of job interference or other obstacles that may come into play. This is a most important day for all.

Let's make it happen for the people and in the best interest of the people.

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