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Liberians home and in the diaspora

Fire related fatalities and Carbon Monoxide inhalation are becoming recurring public safety problems in Liberia. The scarcity of public electricity has left citizens to securing alternative means of power supply including the use of portable generators. Unfortunately, many of these people do not have the requisite education and safety awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning and fire safety issues. This lack of knowledge has resulted into the loss of precious lives. We as concerned Liberians both home and abroad are weary by the level of inaction from relevant state agencies to developing safeguards that will ensure people are taking preventive measures when using these kind of devices. A safety measure employed by other countries especially in places where electricity is scarce is to adapt the use of battery-operated smoke detectors in homes and public places. It is about time that Liberia join other countries in promoting public safety.

We the undersigned, have witnessed and read several stories about fire-related deaths and carbon monoxide poisoning in Liberia. We therefore crave the indulgence of the President of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to empower and mandate the Liberia Fire Service Agency to secure inexpensive smoke detectors. The agency must also ensure that there is a strict compliance through monthly inspection of homes and public places. Inspectors should also be trained on how to install and reset these devices.
Madam President, we are in the technoscientic era, there is no reason why homes and public places in Liberia are not equipped with smoke and fire alarms. Public safety trumps everything. We are therefore asking you to act appropriately to avoid any future reoccurrence of these preventive deaths. Liberia first and always.

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