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Mayor Richard M. Daley is set on Chicago hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. No Games Chicago is a grass roots coalition of social justice activists from across the city who believe this is a terrible idea for our city.

We see three major reasons to oppose the Olympic bid:

(1) Financial - the Federal government, State of Illinois, Cook County and the City of Chicago are all broke. The games loose billions for the host city. Montreal hosted the 1976 Summer Games and took 31 years to pay off their debt. London is hosting the 2012 Summer Games and are already $9 billion over budget. Chicago is famous for corruption, incompetence and massive construction overruns. The Olympics would bankrupt the city.

(2) Environmental - The venues for the 2016 games are slated to be built in our public parks. We don't want priceless public parks destroyed and taken off line for years for the sake of a private party. We don't see the sense of building almost $1 billion in sports facilities and then tearing most of them down. Chicago needs more open land and park space, not less.

(3) Moral - We see the Olympics as a massive land grab and an effort to gentrify the near south and west sides of the city. Poor and working class families who live near the proposed venue sites are worried about land speculation, gentrification and loosing their homes. They should worry, because that's what happens when the games come to town.

Learn more at http://www.nogameschicago.com.

Mr. President -

I oppose Chicago's effort to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

I urge you NOT to support this bid and to stay home in October. Do not go to Copenhagen to lobby the International Olympic Committee.

I do not want to waste billions of dollars on a private three-week party. Chicago is in desperate need of service and infrastructure improvements NOW and we should be able to secure these needed improvements now, not seven years from now.

Mr. President, when the people of Chicago get the facts on how foolish the Olympic scheme is, they oppose it and so should you.

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